Who We Are

The mission of our literary magazine is to publish new voices from the Ivy Tech community to provide a public forum for the stories, poems, plays, memoirs, and art created by our students, faculty, and staff. The magazine is a product of the Ivy Tech Community College-Bloomington English Department.

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What We’ve Done

Our literary magazine was the brain-child of an exceptional student named Ashley Bayer, who wanted to continue writing beyond the classroom. Ashley was supported by Dr. Emily Bobo, a professor of English and now also Chair of Fine Arts and Humanities, whose initiative and intuition grew the magazine to the success it is now.

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What We’re Looking For

We publish original, creative work of a high and distinctive quality by past and present Ivy Tech Community College students, staff, and faculty only. Preference will be given to submissions that are concrete and image-based — we want works that evoke the five senses while avoiding sentimentality.

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